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The learning experience blends 5 learning strands needed and identified by 365 women over 50:

  • Older women’s enterprise competencies and micro business start up
  • Employability and life skills
  • ICT for social and business growth
  • Community involvement
  • Effective senior citizenship in the EU and own country

OWLE50+ partners find that

  • gaining entrepreneurial competencies transforms daily life competence
  • women’s business models differ from traditional macho models
  • women over 50 need skills and information to manage senior citizenship
  • older women learn best if methods are customised to suit them

Anticipated outputs

  • 90 older women recruited onto a Multi Module programme in 3 countries and going on to individual adult learning options
  • 5 strands of Multi Module materials produced in each country for that context
  • 3 e-publications, one in each language, will describe key strategies in:
    • Customising pedagogical methods for older women
    • Assessing needs using a new OWLE50+ assessment tool
    • Activating local adult learning and enterprise support agencies to cater for older women
  • 30 case studies and an analysis of participants’ discourse will support the strategies
  • 1 dissemination website in English with Swedish and Italian sections
  • 3 events each year in each country to disseminate and create discussion
  • Qualitative outputs include 90 participants able to manage their own ageing lives effectively and dynamic groups of older women active in their communities

Impact envisaged
OWLE50+ will have lasting and multiplying impact on:

  • Older women who will improve their lives as a result of Multi Module training and who will continue adult learning
  • Local communities with dynamic senior women role models engaged in business, community initiatives and with younger people
  • Other Grundtvig projects as OWLE50+ liaises with complementary initiatives Other Grundtvig projects as OWLE50+ liaises with complementary initiatives
  • EU-wide impact benefits:
    • Activated older women with ‘senior skills’
    • Adult learning provision that be enhanced by adopting OWLE50+ approach
    • OWLE50+ will raise the profile and credibility of older women
    • Increasing participation in adult learning
    • Multiplying and mushrooming effects
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