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Key OWLE50+ personnel

Dr. Annamaria Annicchiarico created the Tecnopolis incubator in 1984 and has since managed its changing profile as director. Annamaria has been Marketing professor at the University of Salento since 1999 and she won the Antigone Award in 1991 for her engagement in women promotion.

Dr. Gaetano Grasso is a senior consultant with specific experience in technology transfer and start up of innovative businesses. He has long experience as the Responsible for complex international projects of cooperation and technical assistance and works with women entrepreneurs in local projects.

OWLE50+ Responsibilities: Quality Assurance and Evaluation and Dissemination activities

Key OWLE50+ personnel
Monica Hjern is senior adviser in Norrkopings Kommun for trade and industry and coordinator of a research and a regional programme “New Tools for Health”. Monica has long experience of EU projects and local, regional and national initiatives for women entrepreneurs.

Gudrun Narby has long and varied experience of professional teaching as head of a Technical college and training in adult learning, older women and disadvantaged groups. Gudrun manages her own business KomRek Analys AB that specialises in an interactive method of counselling and coaching.

Anna Soscia-Nilsson manages her own English training and translation business – Expert English Training; she has business bases in Sweden and Hong Kong, speaks several languages fluently, assists in web design and develops customised training methodologies.

OWLE50+ Responsibilities: Website and for the partners’ development of Hubs and Pathways.

Key OWLE50+ personnel

Hilary Farnworth manages the CME, teaches on the BA course in Enterprise at LMET, has over 10 years experience of EU projects. Hilary has worked almost exclusively with older women entrepreneurs since 2005 and has built up a CME alumni of over 600 women.

Katy Roberts has worked with CME for 5 years and is also Managing Director of her own company Genskill Ltd. Katy offers specialist support for women with gender, age and employability barriers/challenges.

Ann Reynard has over 20 years experience in women’s development & micro enterprise at national and EU level, as well as knowledge gained from running her own successful consultancy business.

OWLE50+ Responsibilities: Project Management, publications, methodology and content of the Multi Module and participant engagement strategies.
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