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This project has run from 1st October 2009 to 30th September 2011 and its activities have now ended. The website will be updated from time to time and we hope that our visitors will find the materials on the website useful, all of which are freely available for you to download. We intend you to find ways to replicate the programmes and promote the ideas for women over 50 further in your communities.

Please let us know if you promote or use any of the OWLE50+ project concept to help us to understand how this project is exploited in the future on all levels.


Despite trends and recent legislation, older people, particularly women, are still disadvantaged in the EU labour market.  Also, the number of older women is growing but many lack skills to manage their changing circumstances and they may not engage with adult learning unless encouraged; finally, many older women need to earn additional income. OWLE50+ is an EU funded Grundtvig project comprising a programme of workshops and support for older women that enables them to play an active role in the community for the rest of their lives. OWLE50+ responds to each woman’s needs through learner-centred upskilling so they can contribute to society, themselves and the economy by ageing wisely.

Despite being a small Grundtvig partnership of just 3 countries, the OWLE50+ partners are taking as many steps as possible to demonstrate the value and links created both at a local, regional and international level. One way you can experience the events and dialogues first hand is to view our event calendar. By clicking on each particular event you can read minutes of our meetings and brief descriptions of events. Soon, you will also be able to see the events and hubs our OWLE50+ participants create and attend after the Multi-Module programme. An objective of our project is sustainability through continued hubs and pathways beyond the project. We will have a glimpse of this in the events we publicise before the project end. 

Thank you policy-makers, stakeholders, civil servants, governments, local authorities, children and parents and our inspiring OWLEs for making the time to recognise the value and contributions of women over 50 in your community, in your country and in the EU at large. You do this by visiting this website and following our project, the results of which we will be sharing with you through our publications and exploitation events due in the next few months.

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In the publications section you can view a whole host of material, presentations and press articles linked to our project. The interim project report we sent to Brussels is also available there. Be sure not to miss the photo galleries where we document our work. We update regularly and welcome you back as often as you like. If you download any of our FREE materials, please let us know by mailing us on owle50eu@gmail.com. Why not bookmark our page, or even make it your homepage so you can stay in the OWLE50+ loop?


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